Funny Profanity Watchface

This is a perfect watchface to bring out some laugh when hanging out with friends. Let’s say a friend ask you what time it is now, you can flash your wrist and let them have a look at the hilarious words

Or you can just use this watchface to constantly remind you not to be lazy because it will always remind you how much time has passed since you’ve been slacking off and procrastinate some work

Wrist Camera for Samsung Gear Sport, S3 and S2

After releasing Wrist Camera watchface for Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro, now it’s the turn for Sport, S3 and S2 to finally able to enjoy this app

You can turn any Gear Sport, S3 Classic, S3 Frontier or even Gear S2 to be a camera remote control for your Android phone. Just have to download this app to your Gear, easy..